Chinese Lantern

Chinese Lantern

A traditional Chinese latern to celebrate the New Year


  • Very nice wallpaper


  • Not very dynamic


Celebrate Chinese New Year with this beautiful - and lucky - Chinese Lantern wallpaper.

In Chinese culture, red is a color associated with good luck and happiness, which makes it really popular at New Year. Luckily for you, red is the predominant color in this Chinese Lantern wallpaper, but the good luck doesn't stop there.

As you might guess from the name, Chinese Lantern wallpaper features a lantern, which is also a traditional component of Chinese New Year, leading people home after traveling to be with their families over the holiday period.

Traditions aside, Chinese Lantern is a really lovely wallpaper, filled with color, light and warmth and perfect for celebrating the Spring Festival.

Chinese Lantern


Chinese Lantern

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